ITIL Tooling Effectiveness and the Five Turnaround Steps

ITIL Tools and ITSM product suites have been utilised since the late 1990′s and provide an underpinning capability for many IT organisations today.

These tools often started out their life at the helpdesk with incident management and service request management and took root from there. The question is: Are we, as ITIL Practitioners, ITIL Experts and engineers of IT service improvement – really making the best use of our ITSM tools today?


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Level 1

The Personal Benefits of Being an ITIL Expert: -
  1. Enhance your understanding and knowledge of key ITIL V3 concepts and processes
  2. Engage, consult and lead your customers in the latest IT Service Management practices
  3. Understand and de-risk your ITIL V3 processes, projects and service enhancements
  4. Collaborate and communicate ‘on the same level’ as other ITIL V3 Experts
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  7. Keep pace with the increasing number of new ITIL V3 Experts in the ITSM Industry

Level 2

The Benefits of Leveraging Online ITIL Training

  1. Flexible, anytime/any place access – with no fixed schedules
  2. Ability to control and access all content when you want to
  3. Balance your study time against other work/home commitments
  4. No need to take time away from work or your clients
  5. Protect your ‘billing hours’ and project deadlines

Level 3

The Benefits of The Online ITIL Expert Program

  1. Extremely Cost Effective – See Pricing Options for details
  2. High quality, professionally produced ITIL V3 content
  3. ITIL Expert tutor support and guidance throughout
  4. Share and collaborate with like minded professionals
  5. Web based exams can be taken at your office
  6. Study flexibly - over one full year

With all three levels of benefit combined – this creates a really compelling case for joining the Online ITIL Expert Program – all for one low but affordable price.

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